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Meet Mixing Alfredo, The Rising Producer, Engineer, Artist & DJ.

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Mixing Alfredo, an Italian artist who has been honing his craft since the age of 14, lives up to his name with his range of skill sets that he brings into his career. Mixing Alfredo is a musician who also wears the hat of a Producer, Engineer, Artist, and DJ. Not limiting himself to musical entertainment only, Alfredo is also a chef who teaches people how to make authentic Italian dishes while incorporating his music in the background.

He has built his business around helping others build theirs as well through networking, lending his musical abilities, and with the goal of opening multiple studios as he already has one. His goal is to create a network that combines food, music, and all of Alfredo’s other talents. Collaboration is something he attributes to his success. “I fortunately am able to always stay busy due to making great relationships. From starting to make my own music , to recording big Hip hop acts that we used to listen to as a kid is a great success for me, “says Alfredo, ” Just constantly at it will always persevere. As I started taking more and more time to perfect my craft , luckily I was always able to find new, really good gigs that I could learn from and also challenge myself with.”

He lived in Italy up to the age of 8, then living in Oak Park, Ca in his teen years. This is where he developed many of his skill sets, even learning to make Italian dishes with his nonna. At the age 19, he went to the Musicians Institute and considered the specialty of recording, mixing, and dominating.

Growing up in northern LA, he observed the process of making beats and began to make his own, which were deeply influenced by the casual vibes seen in Oak Park, CA. Alfredo’s mixing brings a shift to the hip hop genre, with his customized sounds and uncompromising originality. Alfredo’s music evokes a clean and beautiful sound that soothes the listener’s ear.





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