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Budding Rapper VonDhaDon Knows His Stuff

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New York native VonDhaDon has already had an impressive debut as a musical artist. VonDhaDon is a Hip Hop Artist and has a passion for entrepreneurship, music, and style. The multi-diverse artist started his music career as a form of expression and overall love of the music lifestyle; for him, this has changed his view of the music industry.

This creative outlet only fuelled his passion more, as he continued to experiment with developing his musical style throughout his young adulthood. His daily operations as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at 720 Productions, a full-service management, music publishing, and entertainment company based in NYC, helped him understand the music industry and how it works.

With an impressive foundation from which to build his career, VonDhaDon combined the songwriting skills that he had been developing since childhood with the knowledge that he gained from working at 720 Productions to start recording songs of his own.

He released a single entitled “RUN IT UP” featuring Stadacksz which was received with enthusiasm by music lovers from all around the world and is now available on major streaming platforms and adored by countless fans, VonDhaDon is only getting started.

VonDhaDon has made it his personal goal to do whatever it takes to succeed in this lucrative industry. He ventured into music at a young age, although he often got sidetracked due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, this never managed to blow out his shine because he still had plans for music in his future.

Inspired primarily by renowned rapper and industry mogul Jay-Z, VonDhaDon deems much of his musical influences to be coming from Jay-Z’s hard work and how he has changed the music business. One other artist that has played a significant role in his life is; rapper Fabolous. VonDhaDon reckons being one of the Fabolous diehards drawn towards his unique style of delivery in the booth and his off persona. These artists have paved the way for his ingenuity. Currently, he is also looking towards making music that will be able to pave the way for younger artists or any artist that may want to make music but doesn’t necessarily have the means to. His primary focus is the artists coming out of Staten Island, NY.

Currently, the adept Hip Hop Artist and entrepreneur plans to drop his debut album and has worked with many different artists with features on a management level. His unique ability to combine infectious beats with expert lyricism has secured him a place as one of the music industry’s brightest stars to emerge in recent years.

VonDhaDon advises other aspiring artists to “Make sure you stay active and give it your all because if you do not, it’ll be way harder to get to where you wish if being an artist is your dream”.

His reputation of capturing music and being a fashionista has made it easy for him to cement his presence in the music business. His vision immediately is to establish a line for other artists out of Staten Island to be able to flourish because these artists are often overlooked. VonDhaDon wants to be known in history as the person who helped pave the way for Staten Island artists in the music industry.

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