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An Album, a Clothing Line, And a Dating App: Welcome to the Creative Empire of EDM Artist, Leilani White.

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Leilani White is a multitalented artist whose influence goes beyond the energetic and upbeat sound her projects provide. The Orlando, Florida-born creative is an Electronic Dance Music artist who takes complete control of the projects she puts out without the noise of a record label. Leilani gained international recognition when she and her group, the Musical Shape Shifters band, toured all over Europe and America, performing at concerts and carnivals, much to the delight of her teeming fans and followers.

The success of her tours led her to take up her career a notch by releasing her debut album, Lived, which includes some of her hit songs like Live, Fever, Perfect, Skin, etc. Following its release, Lived became a sensation among EDM fans and critics alike, so much so that recognized music critic, Anton Levy described it as a pure work of art. “This album is as artistic as it is refreshing. The thought and craft that went behind its creation is celestial and the execution, simply incredible”, he declared.

This is a time in her journey when she’s at the peak of her creative powers, both in music and otherwise. “”I created the album over one or two years, a period when I was at the lowest ebb in my life. I was going through a lot at that time which I’d like to keep private. The creation of that album was a pivotal moment for me, which, as you can see, is reflected in the track names.” That Leilani was able to create this album when she was down is a testament to her unmatched tenacity and outstanding creativity.

Leilani took her self-discovery and healing journey seriously, recording each stage to capture the full spectrum of her emotions. “I would go to the studio when something happened, and I took the next step in my emotional journey when I felt like I had something to say,” she stated. “I didn’t create it as a concept album; I just created it alongside living and experiencing things like depression and changing my life a lot.”

Leilani’s creative expertise is not limited to music alone. She has a clothing line named leilani_line on Instagram. Upon expansion, Leilani Line will be a haven for an assortment of wears and outfits. “Fashion is like eating; you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. It’s a fact that vacation clothes hit different — we don’t make the rules! Lucky for us, though, you don’t need to go far to reap the dopamine benefits of a killer vacation wardrobe”, she said.

Whether you have a getaway on the books this spring or not, the latest drop from Leilani Lines is an escapist dream. Featuring fluid silhouettes, crochet detailing, and soft, silky textures, the collection promises vacay-worthy attire every day of the week. Looking at the vibrant colors and versatile styles ahead puts one in an out-of-office state of mind.

“We have a weakness for easy sundresses. It will be impossible to pick just one with our joy-sparking lineup that will feature midi, maxi, and mini styles. What makes these dresses especially trendy are the little details. We’re talking elegant balloon sleeves, subtle crochet detailing, and ethereal fabrics, to name a few.” said Leilani.

There’s something for every occasion (beach day! Wedding! Night out!) and taste, and each dress is just as versatile as the next. From sneakers to heels to sandals, any footwear goes.

Incredibly, Leilani White is not limited to just music and fashion. She has spread her tentacles to the dating and relationship world, hoping to make a lasting impact. Leilani, announced the launch of her dating advice app “Situational Ice Breakers.” The app, which is now in demo mode, offers men a selection of carefully curated conversation starters, crazy pick up lines and other suggested remarks that will turn even the shyest and most awkward guy into a romantic smooth talker. The app is the latest move in White’s remarkable entrepreneurial career.

“The idea for this app came from my many years of being hit on (badly) by a bewildering variety of men,” said White. “1 always thought. ‘Wow, this guy could use a little help.’ That’s what I’m doing with the app. I’m trying to help guys avoid coming across as total dorks on dates.”

The app offers suggested comments for first meetings, dates and even breakups. Some are sensible and imaginative quotes, such as providing a long list of adjectives with which a guy can answer the simple question, “How are you doing?” e.g., gloomy, grateful, grouchy, happy, hopeful, and so forth. The app also has some naughty pick-up lines.

“My many years of being hit on (badly) by a dizzying array of men gave me the idea for this app,” White said. “I’ve always had this thought. ‘Wow, this guy could use some assistance.’ That’s exactly what I’m trying to do with the app. I’m attempting to assist guys, so they don’t appear to be utter jerks on dates.”

The app provides suggested lines for first dates, dates, and even breakups. Some of the statements are thoughtful and innovative, such as one that provides a long list of adjectives with which a man can respond to the fundamental question, “How are you doing?” For example, melancholy, appreciative, grumpy, glad, hopeful, etc. There are also some funny and naughty pick-up lines in the app.

Even more incredible is that Leilani’s comprehensive and all-embracing ambition extends to acting. She has enjoyed a solid career as an adult actress, evidenced by her inclusion in the top three of OnlyFans content creators. Additionally, Leilani is a partner in the OliveAndMints wedding video company in Florida, which filmed the wedding of Miss Florida in 2015. White also works as a truck driver with a CDL Class A license, which is rare for a woman. Leilani, whose father is a doctor, has three children, but her OnlyFans followers might not guess this based on her appearance. She is also nearly finished with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Is there anything she can’t do?


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