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MC David J Releases Newest Single “Budeyo” via Swaggertown Records

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Atlanta native MC David J has been around music his whole life. It all started at the young age of nine when he picked up the guitar. Learning the guitar from both his father and grandmother, MC David J began to form a love for music. He would go on to learn other instruments as well, the trumpet, piano, and drums. Like other budding musicians, he joined his school band and developed a love for concert and marching bands. As he gained more experience, his interests in music software like reason, garage band, and pro tools peaked. David had a passion for creating lofi and jazz instrumentals. He is now putting all of his skills and talents to work and pursuing his musical career.

One goal of MC David J was to foster a certain energy when people heard his music, one like they’ve never felt before. He wants them to know that true hip hop still exists and true lyricists are still around. “I want people to feel nothing but thunder when they hear me,” says Mc David J. These individuals that are both lyrical and sonic are essential to keeping the depth of hip hop around. Some of his influences stemmed from artists like J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Nujabes, and Flying Lotus. He would also come into contact with many other talents that helped David develop his craft for music and take it to the next level.

After having back to back releases in 2020 and 2021, MC David J now brings the track ‘Budeyo’ to the table distributing this through Swaggertown records. 

With a genuine passion for the art of hip-hop music and an electrical sound that captivates his fans, MC David J is teed up to have a very exciting year ahead of him. MC David J’s music is available for streaming and download on Apple Music as well as Spotify! Keep an eye on MC David J as he is making big moves this year.

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