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98 Prynce Could Be the Next Big Icon

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Norwich, CT – based rapper 98 Prynce is planning to stick around the rap game for quite some time. Through his music, the lyricist shows tons of promise in becoming the next upcoming star. His lyrical, melodic, and emotional music brings fans a new type of energy they can’t help but listen even more to his musical style you can say 98 Prynce is well versatile because his songs are also trap based while others got an old school hip hop style

Revealing that his inspiration comes from anyone who’s made a name for themselves in this industry, 98 Prynce states “It’s inspiring to watch people make music for some time then finally get the recognition they deserve” His hard work is undoubtedly paying off. After dropping singles such as “Testing” and “Low Profile” the rapper is still pushing forward and promises to release a whole EP, It is to no surprise that 98 Prynce has the potential to reach iconic status within the musical landscape.

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