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Rxlph Shares His Journey to Success Through Battling Rejection

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Building a career as a young artist might be a difficult task. Rising stars and newcomers in the music scene are among those most adversely affected. At some point, they might require a mentor or some deep inner inspiration to help them expand their network and nurture their careers. For young artists, rejection and scorn from peers can be demoralizing and leave them vulnerable to abandoning their music journey.

Through keeping his head high, working toward his goals, and many hours of loneliness, rxlph has emerged from the shadows to the limelight. rxlph shares an inspiring journey through an ocean of depression to living his dream and distancing himself from those close to him to work on his music career.

rxlph is a recording artist who faced rejection in his hometown, leading to a battle with depression that almost ended his life. At one of his lowest points, rxlph ended up with bloody knuckles following a night of punching the wall when he was alone and crying from depression.

But after a while of soul searching and finding his purpose,rxlph managed to conquer his fears and rose against all odds to success.

“No matter what you face, no matter what trauma you battle daily, you are capable of tearing down those walls, even if you feel alone,” he adds.

After his song, “Brokenhearted”, hit a million streams and his single, “use.less”, went viral, rxlph is now one of the top names to watch out for.

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