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Musical Artist Natalie Ziadeh Produced an Album to Promote Mental Health

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Natalie Ziadeh, an acclaimed artist has lived in a world filled with music for as long as she can remember. She grew up in a family that appreciates and loves music. They particularly appreciate and value classical music. Consequently, Ziadeh plays piano, ukulele, and her passion, the violin.

Natalie Ziadeh was born on February 24, 1999, in Houston, Texas. She began performing musically as a small child, singing and playing the piano for her church. She joined her middle school orchestra and found the violin. She fell in love with the instrument, and she became a strong and talented player quickly. By the age of thirteen, she was competing for regional competitions. She tried out for and was accepted in the highest orchestra in her high school when she was just a freshman. She and the rest of that orchestra competed all over the state in solo, ensemble, string, and philharmonic orchestral contests.

Natalie attended and graduated from The University of Texas A&M with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She is currently attending The Chicago School of Professional Psychology to Pursue her masters in Psychology and then her PhD.

Growing up and throughout her studies, music has helped Natalie relax and find her center. It helped her reach a Zen-like state, and, interestingly enough, she soon discovered that the music also aided significantly in her cognitive functioning and mental health.

Given the benefits of classical music on cognition, Natalie began to dive into the researched effects of music, and determined that music has a host of benefits. As a result, Natalie took the time to thoroughly create an album in which she titled Serenity, appropriately. Her album is a five-track EP that was created to help students and individuals relax on a day to day basis. Her album is also particularly useful for cognition because it uniquely combines classical music with lo-fi beats and production. The lo-fi production allows the classical music to sit in a perfect ambience of distorted percussion that makes for the perfect relaxation, study or background music. The mix of classical music evident through her well-talented violin also provides listeners with the cognitive and retention benefits seen with classical music.

These benefits alone are part of the reason why Ziadeh’s album has soared to almost 30,000 Spotify streams in less than 30 days. Her followers have also skyrocketed by over 5,000, and her social media profiles like InstagramFacebook, and Twitter are popping right now.

Says Ziadeh, “My endless love for classical music inspired me to create a set of songs that will stimulate the mind, foster creativity, and nurture mental health.”

You can check out her newest released album on Spotify and check for updates through a Google search.

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