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Love Music for All: R&B Group Sentury Is Changing the World

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In a world with so much political and social divisiveness, great music can heal and unify. That’s what the music group Sentury, an R&B, and gospel-influenced group, believes. The group is a relatively new collective of artists and songwriters dedicated to restoring the integrity of the R&B genre by creating love music for all. The Sentury team, Leo, AJ, Rico, and CJ’s mission is to bring unity, love, and peace rather than separating people, as many have done in the past.

Over the past few years, Sentury has made a name for itself through its uplifting and energetic music. Their debut track, “Love of My Life,” was a massive Billboard charts success that made a huge impact. The song reached number 25 on Billboard’s adult R&B charts, and it stayed on the charts for 11 weeks. Early last month, the group released another hit, “Be Over,” that has been climbing steadily up the charts. The song has been well received by fans for its upbeat rhythms that allow listeners to have fun while still infusing them with positivity and love.

According to the members of the group, that’s always been their goal. “We want to put the love back in music and get away from men demeaning women in music,” they say. “We find it important to the culture that they hear men sing songs about loving women as opposed to disrespecting them.” Sentury’s ambition is to reinvigorate what was once an almost forgotten genre in mainstream music and use it to promote love, peace, and harmony among all groups. As Senturycontinues to work on more projects, the members hope they will get to tour and take their message of love to even more parts of the world.

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