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GBPREACH Comes Home And Puts His City On The Map

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The meteoric rise in Hip-Hop is no accident. GBPREACH’s music has a specialized mass appeal component and emotionally creates a distinct euphoria for listeners. Preach has never doubted his destiny since birth as he knew he was born both an entertainer and bonafide star. For the past 25 years he has been making history, and he came home from prison to “Preach” and captivate a certain audience.

Upon staring into his eyes, you immediately connect with his vision and magnetic energy. His music reflects a daily soundtrack for hustlers and self-made bosses as his childhood was never ideal. Being exposed to varying genres and sounds.From coming home from prison to now being a sight to watch in the hip-hop industry is no surprise to come from nothing and make your life into something.

Where did your name come from?

“Preach came from prison cause I always had a message about law or god or life and I’d always be talkin at ppl really like preachin lmao. It’s a whole part of Jacksonville that I only know as Preach because Baker CI is the prison for Duval County inmates last few years before getting out. So GBPREACH is some chain gang shit.
Feezy350 comes from Lil Fenix which was my rap name given by CANLIFE Brodas in like 99. We were all rappers but regarded by the police as a gang. They were already a group before me and I had a studio so me and LBO started rappin together and the rest is history. The 350 was my Chevy title that I actually got from this F350 duel truck. So Feezy was for Fenix and 350 was a title to say I’m Tuff like the motor or the truck. 💯

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