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Versatile Artist Belaire Biajee is Gearing Up To Drop New Style Of Music

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Belaire Biajee, a rising talent in South Florida, is known for his distinctive style of blending pop elements into his motivating freestyle. Belaire Biajee fell in love with his skill after years of putting on instrumentals and free styling. Biajee wanted to stand just behind his elder sister, who had introduced him to freestyle, so they could both shine. Biajee has spread his music across the South Florida community by hosting and performing at a variety of house and mansion parties, as well as pubs and local clubs.

Biajee is influenced by the sounds of Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep, and Speaker Knockerz, as well as each artist’s journey. Biajee’s personal path is what motivates him to become the influencer he is today and create music that is relevant to his audience. Biajee has worked with a variety of musicians, including Lil Wayne, Tory Lanez, Zoey Dollaz, and others.

When asked what inspired him to pursue a career in music, Biajee said:

“It was heavily influenced by my elder sister.” I noticed she was very into it, and I wanted to be close behind her so we could both shine. Juice WRLD’s path up to his death has also encouraged me to become an influencer and develop music that people can connect to.”

Belaire, a trendsetter in Key West, Florida, is in seventh gear. With a new hedonistic tune, “Rolling Loud” ft. Pilly Mae, the clinical rapper, adds pressure on his followers. The tune follows the success of his previous hit “Whole Lotta,” which featured Tory Lanez.

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