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DJ and Music Producer Kristan de Graaf Returns to Take Back the Top Charts

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In the music industry, a select few have mastered the art of mixing and producing, taking their sounds to new heights, and crossing over into different genres. One such artist is Kristan de Graaf, a multiple platinum award-winning DJ and music producer. In the early 2010s, Kristan de Graaf was one of the most promising DJs and music producers in the business. His unique sound and passionate performances won him a devout following and led to gigs in some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world.

At 18, Kristan set the record as the youngest DJ to be crowned Asia’s No.1 DJ in 2013, a title he held for three consecutive years. DJ Kristan’s electric sets were legendary and expected on the festival circuit, particularly at events like Ultra and Tomorrowland. Famed for his powerhouse progressive house sound, de Graaf released many chart-topping singles and toured the world with some of the biggest names in dance music for the next few years. He collaborated with the biggest names in the EDM scene from all around the globe and dropped consecutive hit songs that attracted millions of listeners on streaming platforms like Spotify.

Then, unexpectedly, Kristan announced he’d be taking a break from the festival circuit in 2018, a decade after he debuted in the electronic music scene. The DJ did his last lap at the Asia Ultra Music Festival, drawing the curtain on his decade-long career magnificently in front of an 8,000-strong crowd. Kristan was the last act on the main stage, delivering an electric and memorable performance to mark the end of that phase of his career. However, he promised his fans he would come back one day with bigger and better projects, which he’s now honoring.

After taking an extended break from the industry, the world-renowned DJ has made a triumphant return to reclaim his throne at the top of the charts. This month, he makes his long-awaited return with the release of his new album, Palabras, on Spotify. This album is set to showcase an improved sound that diverges from his older productions but retains the essence of the world-famous music producer. The album is already quickly gaining heat on dance floors around the world as fans eagerly await its official launch.

So, what should they expect? For the last 4+ years, de Graaf has been working on a new signature sound that will once again revolutionize the industry he pioneered many years ago. He says Palabras is rich in emotive chord progressions and soulful vocals that improve the traditional EDM style without messing with its vibe. It has a mellower sound that honors the passage of time and vastly improves the quality of de Graaf’s past work, but his creative genius is still evident. DJ de Graaf’s fans can get a sneak peek of his work and other developments on his Instagram platform.

As the industry changes, de Graaf hopes to not only make a comeback but expand his career further than before. The goal is to entertain and connect with more fans globally, drop more chart-topping productions, and make his mark in the EDM space for years to come.

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