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Newcomer Dro Montana Is Already Giving Off Legendary Vibes

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We come across thousands of artists a day. Many are dope – but really only have a sound. Their sense of style is weak and their team isn’t strong. Which is usually a sign that they won’t have the wherewithal in the game that is necessary to create longevity. 

But this week – we stumbled across someone quite special. An artist that grew up in South Carolina and is currently living in sunny Los Angeles, Dro Montana appears to “have it all”. 

When popping on her Instagram you can see her distinct style right away. Tasteful, elegant, but still Street and Raw – each photo is a visual treat for a clothing connoisseur. 

Popping on her Spotify, you see if she’s already doing numbers. With over 200,000 streams on her songs collectively, we checked out her most recent release: Ghost. 

And damn…That flow… The only way we can describe it is as smooth as butter. With melodic choices that felt catchy yet edgy. There’s something about it that’s polished and raw at the same time. We low-key get Tems vibes from her. 

When we jumped to her YouTube page we found visuals that rocked us. Rook and Frankie Fire did a phenomenal job shooting and editing her videos – This is some of the best work we’ve seen in the better part of a decade. 

Diving a little deeper we discovered that Dro has built a recording studio, a clothing line and envisions herself as the CEO of her own record label. It’s quite clear that this girl has the well-rounded vision and foundation to stay in this game long term. 

Dro said: “I can’t think micro, I only see macro, the big picture. Sometimes I get so focused on the bigger vision that I try to do too much at once. So this year is about taking it one step at a time: Perfecting my craft, building out my core team and releasing my music consistently with a real push behind each single. It feels good to hone in and buckle down on what I now know are the bricks to a foundation of greatness”. 

Check out Dro Montana’s Single “Ghost” and “Trap In The Rain” video below:

Trap In The Rain – Official Music Video 

Dro Montana Instagram 

Dro Montana Spotify

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