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Ishell Vaughan Works His Magic on Artist, Melii’s Upcoming EP

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With her EP on the verge of release, female star, Melii has brought the visual guru, Ishell Vaughan onboard to bring the project’s visuals to life.

Newark, New Jersey, digital creator, Ishell Vaughan is the owner of the media and entertainment company, Ishell Vaughan Films, which has been a resource for some of hip hop’s biggest names, creating content that connects their music to audiences worldwide. Now, he has teamed up with the bilingual female artist, Melii to create a project not only musically enticing, but visually mesmerizing.

For her upcoming EP, Melii’s diversified talent is sure to be a showstopper. Coupled with Ishell Vaughan’s eye for piecing together artistic visuals, the project is one of the most talked about upcoming releases of 2022. His mind has the Midas touch with a wealth of knowledge and creative imagination that is rumored to be on an entirely different level for Melii’s EP. Ishell Vaughan is plotting to amaze audiences even more with visuals that take his already perfected craft into greater depths. The EP comprises exclusive releases by Melii, including the single, “Ain’t Loyal” for which Ishell Vaughan was contacted by Creative Director Whatwouldpetedo to execute the song in perfect artistic fashion through his undeniable eye for videography and cinematography. He is tasked with visually bringing the project to life in its entirety from start to finish.

Ishell Vaughan is what history often refers to as a rare breed, a mind that comes along once in a lifetime and changes the way people perceive art. And history will tell of the culture shaping event that ushered in a new era of visual creativity with his work on Melii’s upcoming EP. This is only one of many others to come as Ishell Vaughan uses his craft to work with established artists to enhance their new projects and elevate their careers into mainstream success. Follow his socials to stay up to date on his work for rising artists in the game.

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