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Sophia Treadway Collabs with Grammy Winner on her Next Single

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The team at This Is 50 knows Grammy Winner Autumn Rowe for her exclusive taste in music and artists – and Sophia Treadway is no exception.


When Sophia’s song “Close To Me” came on our radar – We dug deeper: What we found was her single “I’m Good” which was co-written by Grammy winner Autumn.


Turns out – Autumn has been grooming Sophia for the last 5 years – training her as an artist, vocalist and most notably, a songwriter. Sophia and Rowe enlisted #1 Charting Producer C-Ray for help on production.


Sophia said:

“Autumn helps me understand how to craft a song from start to finish – how to fully embody the emotion when I cut vocals. She (Autumn) is not only a mentor, but more like a sister that I look up to personally and professionally”.


With barely any other female artists on the rise – and Autumn’s track record, Sophia Treadway appears to be the next big pop sensation front runner.


We believe in Sophia so much we want to reach out to Bieber personally to see if we can get a collaboration. Bieber – if you see this, she’s next! You heard it from us first.


See what the hype is about on the links below:


I’m Good (Official Music Video)



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