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Naïka Releases “H20” Video

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Naïka has a distinct fusion of sound and an eclectic approach to her newly coined “world-pop” that engages your mind and calms your spirit. H2o is refreshing and Naïka’s voice is so inviting there’s no wonder why she already amassed over 40 million streams across Apple Music and Spotify.

“H2o” is a long time in the making and us ny first release as part of a very special new project that I have been pouring my heart and soul into during the pandemic.” says Naïka. ” I am exploring and unleashing a new side of myself with H20. I love the sensuality and sexiness the song caries; it dips you in a pool of the divine feminine, which I find empowering. My hope with this single is that my incredible fans get excited for more new music this year, and for those that are not familiar with my sound, to get a taste of my vibe.”

Check out the video below:



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