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Nocturnal’s upcoming project “She Needs Me” embodies a new wave of conscious rap

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Nocturnal is an artist from New Haven, Connecticut, who plans to take the music industry by storm with his upcoming project She Needs Me. His cognizant lyrics are filled with pain and vulnerability, heavily influenced by rap’s conscious East Coast sound. His journey started with a close friend inspiring Nocturnal to pursue music, and he now creates an authentic soundscape that makes listeners instantly feel welcomed into his world.

“One of my best friends had passed away in a drunk driving accident. He was the one who always told me I should pursue a music career. After his passing, I decided to take music seriously and dedicate my career to him.”

She Needs Me will be Nocturnal’s third project following Holdin Onto Hope and Therapy Through an LP. As Nocturnal finalizes his new project, he expresses how She Needs Me represents a double entendre, with the word “She” meaning two different interpretations. 

“The first interpretation being, “She” (Hip-hop) needs me to save the game from dying. Throughout the project, I talk about the battles of making it in the industry and the sacrifices I make.” Nocturnal continued. “The second interpretation of “She” refers to my ex-girlfriend, inspired by a bad breakup. This project is my open book and a story about fighting my demons all for the love of hip hop.”

Nocturnal claims She Needs Me is a project that will stand out from the rest. “I am being my most vulnerable self on this project for the fans who feel the same pain I feel but don’t have the platform to express their true pain.” 

Using music as a form of therapy, Nocturnal presents a modernized backpack, boom-bap sound with a mix of soul into every song he releases. Transparency and being inspired by artists such as Tupac, Eminem, Jay-Z, J.Cole, and Kanye West will grant his music longevity as it resonates with listeners alike.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Nocturnal is gearing up for his release, She Needs Me, and his following EP with rapper The Game, which is expected to drop later this year. Keep up with Nocturnal on his social media links below to stay updated on new projects! 

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