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New Label & Studio For Hip-Hop & Rock Shakes Up Big D!

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Odisious Productions (now Odisious Records) Was originally conceived in the latter part of 2018. CEO and Producer James (aka Odie) is “one of if not the hardest working producers in the DFW Metroplex ”..Said his long time colleague and staff manager ‘Eddie Mars’. Often working 20+ hrs a day, 6-7 days a week and has done so for the last 5 months straight cranking out singles like Cadillakoffin’s “Undone” and “Judas Jinx”. 
When asked what drives you to push so hard he said; 
“My partner Will Booker and I had this dream that one day we would be able to open a place that was exclusive, but would help artists by creating a great production, without breaking an artist’s bank account.. but right after we put this plan in place, my partner was murdered, and everything became real clear… I have to do this”. 
“So that’s what I did.. I took every last bit of money, blood, sweat, and tears and poured it into this place, and while we may not be more than an “underground studio”… The sound you get out of this place is mind blowing. I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the best performing acts that are still touring today, and I’ve taken this knowledge and applied it to my workflow and if you like that raw, rich punchy sound.. you’re gonna love this.”
However.. According to Odie,  this year is not just special for the artists he’s currently producing, it’s also going to present a unique opportunity for some very special people who are in real need..
He added: 
“We had just started finishing up the construction of our studio/label and then a good friend/blockchain specialist helped me understand the market and  We are now minting some highly collectable NFT’s.. This is really special because of who and how it benefits artists.. These NFT’s are going to fund a group of struggling artists I’ve known and have been mentoring for a while now. 
“I found them on a social platform which basically fed them some false hopes and dreams and instead of keeping their word or communicating with them.. they hung them out to dry and some of them were at the end of their rope.. so I’ve been taking all the professional training I’ve had over the years and been a kind of mentor/coach to help them turn their lives around..”
“Now I’ll be able to help provide a future for a few of them and give them a proven launch platform that will get their voices heard, their art shown, published, marketed and help them pay it forward to another group of struggling artists. There is no greater feeling than that. From hip hop to heavy metal baby! We got you.”
Be sure to contact: 
Odisious Productions /  Odisious Records (Artist Management)
1702 South State Highway 121
Lewisville, Tx 75067

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