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Humza Beats on how music speaks a universal language

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Sharing music is one of the most unifying acts that we can experience no matter our location in the world. Music has the power to bypass language barriers and unite diverse cultures. You don’t need to speak the language of a song with a catchy or evocative melody, as it can communicate with you without words. Musician Humza Beats understands the transcendent power of music and believes that this power comes from the universal language that it speaks.

According to Humza Beats, music is one of the purest forms of communication as it can let us express how we feel without words and reach others on a deep level. Humza Beats believes some songs have become a permanent monument within our cultural landscape because they speak to people globally in a universal language. As a performer, Humza Beats shares that he tries to create music that can engage and inspire anyone who hears it, explaining further he says, “Music has the power to connect anyone and inspire and affect them. When I make music I aim to rise above preconceived ideas or genres and just reach people.”

Having always held a passion for music and its unifying power, Humza Beats knew that he wanted a career in the music business from a young age. He explains that sharing music with others and tapping into its universal language to speak to them, has always been important to him. Since those early aspirations, he’s built a global following that started on the popular music sharing platform Soundcloud and then hit the stratosphere.

Our world remains divided no matter the technological advancements that aim to unite us, this is why according to Humza Beats communicating by using music’s universal language will always be vital.

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