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RawDu’gie Drops ‘Put Me In Coach’ Project + Music Video

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Rapping is just too easy for this fresh artist making his big debut.

RawDu’gie is an up and coming rapper from PD District Hampton/Newport News. He always had interest in making music but never thought about taking it seriously as a career. It wasn’t until he saw the rise in the Virginia music scene when he felt the motivation to believe he can do it too. He saw how the music scene was small but had potential to make something big where he can make a living for himself off something he loves. When it comes to his upbringing, Raw experienced the same everyday struggles and realized nothing is given to you and you have to hustle hard to get everything you want. He finds motivation in networking with others and coming into contact with those that support his music career. As for the music, he is ready for people to hear all that he’s got with his new project. RawDu’gie is progressing by the day and his future in music is bright. With how the VA music scene is coming up, this rapper will get his shine in no time.  

Check out the first visual from the new project as well as the streaming link below!




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