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Sofia Husein: From SoundCloud to major streaming platforms

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Most known by her stage name Sofia Husein. Growing up in King City, CA, she turned to music to escape her disturbing reality. At the age of 9, Sofia Husein picked up the violin to express her creativity that lay dormant within. This was the spark that lit the flame for herself. Since then, she has learned how to play the piano, guitar, bass, and clarinet. Her focuses on creating melodic, soulful, and authentic music.




Sofia Husein is an independent artist who writes and produces all her music. The inspiration behind her lyrics comes from the life experience she’s endured thus far and the trials and tribulations he has overcome. Sofia intends for her fans to feel “That it’s okay to be expressive and vulnerable and still be cool. I hope they relate to my struggles and situations emotionally and can see I enjoy what I do, and I enjoy releasing it.” She does an incredible job at searching deep for the true meaning behind life circumstances and beautifully relays the message on the track for her fans to connect.




Sofia Husein dropped his latest R&B EP, “Roses and Thorns,” containing seven tracks. She has already released the music video for her hit song “remours ,” featured on her EP.”. In the future, her fans should expect more visuals from his latest project and the release of her second music video very soon. This is a fascinating time for Sofia as she looks to crush the next endeavor in her lustrous career. Make sure to follow Sofia and keep up with his journey as he continues to grow as a person and artist.





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