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Jack Harlow Talks Being Labeled A Sex Symbol, Competing With Artists Like Doja Cat, & New Album

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Jack Harlow’s come-up has been on a steady rise for quite some time and he’s now reaping the benefits of all of his hard work and progress.

Coming through the Power 106 studios to chop it up with Morning Show co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora, the Louisville rapper reveals some personal perspective on how success has impacted his life, both professionally and personally. Speaking on some of the challenges he now faces when it comes to dating and doing everyday things, Jack admits that he wouldn’t change his life for anything because it’s what he’s worked to gain.

Detailing the process of his sophomore album, ‘Come Home The Kids Miss You,’ Harlow explains that his approach for this project was a different caliber as he took time to experiment with samples, drum intricacies, and how he wanted to showcase his rap prowess with the Drake-assisted “Churchill Downs.”

Jack Harlow goes on to speak about how he feels being known as a sex symbol, why he has a ways to go when speaking on comparisons and competing with artists like Doja Cat, and much more.

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