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CEO G Ben Israel is making a lot of noise with “ Base Builders Co”!

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G Ben wears many hats; from curating music, building artists and keeping his brand, “Base Builders Co”, at top tier in the game. Growing up on the south side of Chicago, and coming from a huge family that was a legend in music, G Ben knew it was his calling to continue to bring good music to people. G Ben’s father, James Stroud, was even a part of a 1970’s group called “The Notion”. Their song, “I’m Still Here“, hit #26 on US R&B Billboards chart. Witnessing greatness, determination, success and having a magnificent ear himself, music has always came easily to G Ben Israel. He started “Base Builders Co” in May of 2018. His knowledge of organically growing a fanbase and social media led to the growth of his music as well as others. It gave him confidence to launch his own agency helping create organic growth strategies for artists all around the world build their audience.

“In sharing music, you give it power to move people.“ – G Ben

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