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Utica-based rapper AB Tazz is launching a record label called AB The Label, in a joint venture with Ruby Recordings.

AB is an abbreviation for (Above & Beyond) a phrase he’s also applied to his stage name “AB Tazz” meaning there is no limit to where he could go or what he can do. The newly launched label plans to dominate the music industry. AB Tazz plans to analyze each person that he signs to provide the necessary tools that best suit each individual. With his inside knowledge as an artist, he plans to apply those strategic tools in a way to break down barriers, and barriers that get in the way of new artists’ success! 

Tazz says, “I want to give people chances to succeed. With AB The Label, I feel like we have a platform and team that can mentor and build up talent in hip-hop music. With my label, I want to use it as an opportunity to shape and promote artists that may not have gotten a chance otherwise.”

AB Tazz’s partnership with Ruby Recordings will provide AB The Label the ability to strategically leverage The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music, marketing, and promotions teams for select artists and projects.

Keep up to date with AB Tazz and the label on Twitter at @ABTazz & @ABTheLabel

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