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Platinum selling producer Marc E. Williams is taking over the Film and Television Industry

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Marc E. Williams, previously known as Marc M.Doc Williams, is a platinum music producer who once put in a lot of time in music studios around the world producing and remixing for platinum artists such as Madonna, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson and many more.

He’s also developed countless incredible artists from start to finish – crafting their sound, landing them record deals with majors like Sony and Universal and even licensing their music on shows such as American Idol, Ellen, Empire, Temptation Island and more.

After achieving major success in the music world, Marc decided to make a splash in the film industry. His music videos and independent films have garnered millions of Youtube & Vimeo views and even started getting buzz in the film festival circuits.

Within a few short years, Marc was named best Director at the Marina Del Rey film Festival. His film “5 Minutes And Counting” landed a key spot on Amazon Prime, out-pacing thousands of other independent films on the platform. He also co-wrote the western themed television pilot “Shadow Hills” along with Industry vet Lamont Clayton. The pilot features several renowned black actors as well as mega star Jamie Foxx as an executive producer.

Marc said: “I feel movies and music speak the same creative language. Whether I’m coaching an artist or directing an actor, I have one simple goal: to create a space for them to reveal their God-Given gifts on the mic or camera. Getting out-of-the-way is always my biggest job, adding just a hint of inspiration, guidance and a push when needed. I’m blessed to do what I love and what I’m meant to”.

Marc E Williams is considered a legend in the game in the music industry, and is slowly cementing his legacy in the TV and Film industry.

With Marc’s insane track record for success, his next film “Black Caviar” looks like it could be his most successful project to date. We here at This is 50 can’t wait to see it.

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