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Lexnour’s Single “The Counting Song” Goes Viral On IG Reels

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Lexnour is an established producer who works with artists such as Dax, Tech N9ne, Soulja Boy, Yelawolf and many others. His single, “The Counting Song” was posted on Nov. 17th 2021 and continues to be a huge success, accumulating over 6 million views. In February of 2022, his single started to blow up on Instagram reels, getting 1-2k videos per day. Now, there are over 150,000 videos on IG reels and 17,000+ on Tik Tok. “The Counting Song” has over 200,000 streams on Spotify and several huge brands and celebrities have used it such as Canelo, Marcelo Vieira and many others. Check out “The Counting Song” now!

IG: @lexnourbeats
Tik Tok: @lexnour

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