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Timpmo Announcement July 4th! New Album “Timothy Devon Daniels”

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Underrated Alabama artist Timpmo has a new album dropping July 4th called “Timothy Devon Daniels” which is his whole name the symbolism behind that is to reintroduce you to a savy critical but yet emotional artist that gives you the story of a young king fighting and currently beating the odds with hardships, and relationships.
This album is a mixture of childhood trauma, while navigating life as a young man, trials and tribulations, being a  young black Man with the world against him masterminding his Aspirations and pushing for greatness. This will be Timpmo 5th Studio Album. What makes this album different from the rest is that it’s more maturity and growth. I can speak from a place of peace and vindication accepting my imperfections, looking at my insecurities and appreciating life minute by minute. Timpmo has worked with new producers on this project thxfortheslapali, 808visiousbeats Trapteambeats and much more this album will include 12 tracks melodic with technique experiencing, understanding, confronting, and commenting on life and the world, also have tracks that are hipped and get you to moving.
  Timpmo also has some major features on this album that he will announce closer to the release date w. This Album will also drop with a Documentary that gives you a behind the scenes look at the elements of building for a finished products  the with the brand, DJs, Club appearances, radio interviews, sit down interviews, studio sessions, video shoots, Creativity and everything that goes on to making this Documentary the most Valuable asset he has ever given because it’s his life and that just something a introvert wouldn’t give I know that this album and Documentary will be the Bible to the streets and around the world I just hope your ready.
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