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Mo Bentley shares her experience with bullying amidst her new release, “Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

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Music for some can be rejuvenating, and for some, it can be a way to let out their emotions. Some songs shape life and take us on a trip, whether that be a happy one or a sad one. No genre can be excluded from this as an influential force, thematically and otherwise, in our lives.

When an artist dreams about their first musical composition, the feeling it brings is often a mixture of excitement, self-doubt, and confusion. Some artists have felt great joy while composing, but it was a painful experience for others. But that place that generates this art, one’s heart, is the exact source of all our most incredible emotions. So the question remains, what kind of emotions were involved when these artists created their first songs?

Popularly known as Mo Bentley, Morgan Bentley says that music is integral to her life. She believes that music can be influential in many ways, for example, in relationships and even at work. Mo often finds herself being drawn to music that expresses an emotion. For instance, her single “Don’t kill my vibe” expresses her feelings of confidence and strength. Through this song, she encourages people to start a conversation to stop those constantly trying to put them down. Having been bullied in high school, Mo stated that this is something that she has been through in her life. However, Mo believes that by sharing the light and cheerful, she has helped bring about change within the people who previously had a rough life.

In one interview, she explained that her inspiration to enter the music industry was witnessing her family. All of them followed in each other’s footsteps and entered sports. This inspired her to walk on an unconventional path. She hopes to pass on the same message through her songs and become a role model for the people who feel like they don’t fit in anywhere.

Bentley’s style is a mixture of R&B and Pop music. Her style is rare and unique in today’s music scene, but she has stated that she believes in staying true to herself and following her dreams. According to her, some of the brightest talents in the music industry today, like Ariana Grande, have been able to get where they are because they stayed true to who they were and what they love.

She advises her audience to be authentic and make space for mistakes in life. Mistakes can lead you to lessons that you couldn’t have ever expected. So give up the perfection and do the best you can. She also recommends finding your purpose and mission in life and grateful for what you have.

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