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Dawan “DB” Brown Is A Powerful Force

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New Jersey, Newark, to be exact, continues to stay on the musical map with record label, 100 Percent Pure Entertainment, LLC. Dawan “DB” Brown has quickly become a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Recognized by Warner Record executive, Steve Carless, it is evident that DB’s label is on the rise to the level of a north eastern version of Quality Control Entertainment. With artists such as Newark’s own Bandman Rill and Brooklyn’s dance/drill Femcee Zeffy Lee, the label’s buzz does not stop there. In addition to housing those two social media powerhouses, Dawan’s entertainment company is also home to MCVertt, the young king responsible for the double platinum hit, “I Just Wanna Rock”, performed by none other than Lil Uzi. As an artist, MCVertt (Pronounced MC Vertt), just released his single, “Let Ha Go” featuring SugarHill DDot.

When asked what we can expect from 100 Percent Pure Entertainment in the near future, DB states, “We will be expanding to the sports arena, next”. With a background in boxing, Brown is destined to take over the ring.

Stay tuned for more expansion and follow Dawan @100percentpure.ent

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