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ZSZF short for Zero Shts Zero Fcks came out revving

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ZSZF short for Zero Shts Zero Fcks came out revving last year with a self titled single (Zero Shts Zero Fcks).
The track eases in with a 10-second intro that builds anticipation and readies you for the ride with the statement: “On your marks, get set, go!”, leading into the verse. ZSZF’s vocal color is stylistic and emotive; seamlessly synchronizing with the dark tone of the instrumentation. By the time the track draws to a close, you’ll find yourself caught up in the vibe and wanting to hit that repeat button for another listen.

He has been showing signs of the consistent hitmaker he’ll be for quite a while now; a Miami native with all the energy of a memorable performer and who is the epitome of honesty when it comes to life stories embellished in rap drill. His cleverness in turning his life into affecting bangers that smoothly deliver is a breath of fresh air.

Eager to bring a refreshingly theatrical show, ZSZF is dropping another banger again with a boastful and stunningly innovated tune “Unlimited”- this track feels authentic from the intro all the way to the outro.

The attention he is drawing is warranted and his single “Unlimited” feels like it hits the mark on official hit territory. This has a summer anthem all over it and it is best enjoyed over some booming speakers. It’s catchy and fun to sing along with; an infectious vibe with just the right amount of expressiveness and streamlined thoughts make it a creative banger.

His entire catalog is geared towards a flavorful poetic nature as he blends innovative conscious lyricism- similar to the works of J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, or even Nas, mixed with true Miami vibe showmanship.

His lyrics don’t disappoint; since his entertaining track “Bae For The Day” dropped last year he’s been nonstop with the monthly drops. The lyrics of his go-go-go track “Got Me” is a clever delivery of real; take a listen for yourself.

We’re eagerly awaiting an album drop. If any of the imaginative lyricism found in his singles continues in album form, it’ll be an arsenal of down south bangers.

His catalog although not vast displays his ability to deliver conscious rap or some boastful entertainment. Getting your day started, hitting the gym, vibing with the gang, any car ride – you’ll find yourself immersed in its awesomeness!

The way ZSZF succeeds in energetically telling a story like he’s narrating some theatre production adds that dash of flair to the whole feel of each song. Intense rhythmic gusto, crystal clear polish, on-point delivery, and beats seemingly made for his lyrics- what more does a hip-hop lover need!

“Unlimited” is now in unlimited supply out on all your favorite streaming platforms; follow ZSZF and let him tell you a stunningly innovated story in his trademark way!

Embrace your Zero Shots and Zero Fcks
Connect with ZSZF on:
IG: igivezszf
TikTok: igivezszf

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