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Up-and-Coming New Artist NORD is making Waves in the Music Industry

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Rising independent artist NORD is swiftly building a worldwide following. In a short period of time, his two singles, “Industry” and “Sorry,” have captured the attention of thousands of listeners around the world. Fans have formed around NORD because of his unique style and hard work he put into crafting his own music. His unique style is described as new-age Hip-Hop and R&B with a dash of Trap and is often categorized with other artists such as Lil Baby, Lil Mosey, and Bankrol Hayden. The talented artist already achieved so much success that it seems inevitable that he will continue to ascend in the industry.


Born Carter Davis, is a talented 18-year-old, originally from West Linn, a small town in Oregon. NORD grew up during a time when aspiring new age artists were breaking into the music industry via SoundCloud and YouTube. He was captivated by various musical melodies as a child, and as a teen, he began to express an interest in creating and publishing his own music as a way to express himself as a newly discovered artist. However, NORD’s distinct sound did not emerge overnight. The determined artist converted his bedroom into a studio complete with all of the necessary equipment for creating and producing music. He then began meticulously honing his craft of singing and songwriting. He’d record his vocals over instrumentals found online by a variety of internet producers, and after experimenting with his vocals on different placements on the track, he’d begin tweaking various elements of the production, which sparked an interest in mixing and publishing music.


After diligently developing his signature sound, he was able to focus on his music career, which began in 2021. The songwriter’s lyrics are relatable and elicit an emotional response in the listeners, causing them to sing along. In NORD’s hit song “INDUSTRY,” he discusses his frustrations with the music industry, and the writing of that song inspired him to pursue his career independently as an artist. NORD being an independent artist enables him to set his own goals for success rather than being bound by the dictates of others. His second hit single “SORRY” has a modern Chill-Hop style with melodic punchy vocals over a smooth instrumental that has already piqued the interest of both young and old people around the world who can’t wait to hear more. NORD can primarily be found on Instagram, as well as on all major streaming platforms (SpotifyApple Music, and SoundCloud), where all of his released music can be streamed and downloaded.

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