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“Lost In Motion” has Landon Pryor’s fans dancing around all night long

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Landon Pryor’s new single, “Lost In Motion,” has completely blown us away. The music transports the listener on an emotional trip that no words can describe. It’s quickly becoming a huge online craze. With the release of this song, Landon Pryor has established himself as a star to watch.

Landon Pryor is first and foremost an artist before he is a musician. He’s reached the height of his craft. To accomplish so, you must have a mind that can see things from multiple perspectives and eventually bring everything together. Landon Pryor’s music demonstrates a high level of expertise.

The idea for “Lost In Motion” originated from Landon Pryor and Rumor Records. Both parties worked extremely hard to ensure the track’s good release and reception. People all across the world have responded positively to the song as a consequence of their hard work and dedication.

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