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Fast-Rising Artist Dabeau Releases His New Single, “Heart Of Stone”

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Music is the only form of art that transcends all distances, allowing us to easily connect and express our emotions, making it an important part of our lives. For the fast-rising artist Dabeau, music is his way of sharing his story and spreading love, something he has been doing since he was a kid. Dabeau has written and composed several tracks, including one of his most popular singles, “Alienated,” which is a trending sound on TikTok. He has also recently released his latest song, “Heart of Stone.”

According to Lucas Bontje, aka Dabeau, working on this project has been one of his most rewarding experiences as he got to try new sounds, enabling him to create a timeless piece. Dabeau’s diversity, impeccable voice, and authenticity have helped him compose a great tune that is both inspirational and engaging, which is quite rare to find in the music industry.

He says that his goal is to make music that is not only fun to listen to but also has meaning behind it, using his songs to spread positivity and love. Dabeau was born and raised in Southeast Amsterdam, which isn’t one of the best parts of the city. It is known for a lot of drug abuse and crime, and by growing up in this neighborhood, the odds were stacked against Dabeau.

Dabeau explains that by watching most of his friends disappear into gang life, he knew he had to do something or else he was next. It was then that Dabeau started exploring his passion for music as a form of distraction, and he would spend most of his time listening to UK garage.

The experience inspired Dabeau to dive deeper into the industry, and he began writing songs. He notes that music was his safe space at the time, and he’s now using it to express his emotions and help young people from falling into drug abuse and other criminal activities. Through his songs, Dabeau also shows his fan base that while there are countless challenges in life, no dream is too big to fulfill.

When Dabeau decided to pursue music professionally, many of his friends and family did not understand where he was coming from and what he wanted to achieve. They didn’t believe in his ideas and tried to show Dabeau why music was not right for him. But he didn’t let their words weigh him down.

He explains that this is how his song “Alienated” came to be. Dabeau wanted to share his experience with the rest of the world, encouraging people to fight for their dreams even when it means walking that path alone. Dabeau’s fresh new sound and unique style of music have earned him a top spot in the industry, with his songs gaining thousands of views.

His latest single, “Heart Of Stone,” is quickly dominating the Netherlands music scene with over 10K+ streams on Spotify in less than a week since it was released. As Dabeau continues to grow his career, he says that his goal is to become a major artist in and out of Europe as he uses his platforms to support others.


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