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Musician nicky ros Is Pushing The Boundaries Of Culture Through Music

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nicky ros wrote his first song when he was just nine years old. He spent his first few years as a musician combining all the different instruments he was playing at the time including the alto saxophone, piano, guitar, and drums. It was the artist’s early experiences in the Grace Cathedral Choir and with the alto saxophone that fostered his composing. The artist’s musical mentors also helped push his passion forward at the time.

Despite facing the doubts within his own mind and the doubts coming from his peers, nicky ros has persevered through, continuing to pursue his passion for music. “I am most grateful for the strength and determination I learned from the years of believing in myself when no one else did”, explained the creative. “Music has been a long road of rejection and redemption.”

Lately, nicky ros’ career has been filled with more redemption than rejection. As an independent recording artist, ros’ unique blend of different genres infused into one sound has helped him reach thousands of listeners worldwide. The artist’s music has been streamed over a million times across all platforms providing proof of concept for the young rising singer.

With a vision set on greatness, nicky ros is poised to continue to use his musical background to reach new listeners. The artist recently released a brand new single titled ‘f it out’ ahead of his upcoming EP.

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