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How Blockchain Musician William Diaz Has Defied All Odds to Reach the Top

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The music industry is one of the most competitive fields, and without proper resources, it can be hard to penetrate the industry and get your music heard. It is even more challenging when those around you do not believe in you, as was the case for William Diaz, popularly known by his stage name vvill.

Diaz explains that when he started his journey in the industry, most of his family and friends were not excited about the idea of him venturing into music. They wanted him to take the traditional route, go to college, graduate and have a ‘stable’ job, and to them, music didn’t seem like the best route. However, Diaz didn’t let their opinions stop him from living his passion.

He invested in his dream, learning more about the music industry and the NFT space and how he could merge the two to benefit him and his fanbase, which has now made him a top blockchain musician. Diaz is using blockchain technology/NFTs to fund his music career, from shows to albums and other concerts. This has helped Diaz better connect with his fans and bring them on as co-creators.

Rather than just having his fans listen to his music, Diaz is giving them a chance to also invest in art and earn alongside their contributions. He says that as a young person, he aims to help his audience reach their dreams as he supports other up-and-coming artists.

“Success is a journey, and most times, it is not something that happens overnight,” says Diaz. He notes that it takes years of hard work, resilience, and determination as there are many challenges along the way. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible to start and build a thriving venture.

Before he started his journey as an artist, Diaz had an e-commerce business. At the time, he was still in college, and he had invested all his part-time earnings into his online stores. Unfortunately, most of his stores failed, and Diaz found himself in huge debt with no place to stay.

While it was challenging, and Diaz felt it was impossible to get his business back on track, he didn’t give up. He worked hard, made a lot of sacrifices, and surrounded himself with like-minded individuals who helped him get back up. Diaz notes that he could spend hours watching informative and inspirational content, which assisted him in getting through the most difficult days, establishing his place both as an entrepreneur and blockchain musician.

Diaz has recently sold his marketing agency to follow his lifelong passion for EDM music. He has also released several singles in the last month, including “ETH,” “Payday,” “Huracan,” and “Enemy,” all gaining thousands of views.

As he continues to flourish, Diaz shows us that no obstacle should stop us from achieving our goals. His incredible journey to the top is proof that with determination and hard work, no dream is too big to attain. Diaz says that he has so many projects lined up for the future.

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