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Hottest Upcoming Artist From Spokane, Washington Mob Lil G

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Mob Lil G is the next big thing coming from Spokane, Washington.  He has been making music for about 3 years and has started creating his own sound and wave that’s fans are gravitating towards.  He has started gaining some traction recently with 2 of his tracks “Hurt My Soul” & “ Product Of Streets.  They both have surpassed over 10,000 streams and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon.  His friend would always push him to freestyle and then he began to take it serious.  What inspired him to pursue music as a career was one of his friends passing away.  He coped with it through his music and began creating his own sound that people started to look in too.  A few of his musical influences are Payroll Giovanni, Doughboyz, Cashout, Kodak Black, and Jackboy.  These are the artists he looked up to which helped him mold in to the artist he is today.  If you haven’t tuned into Mob Lil G yet I recommend you do.

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