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Exlusive Interview: Robbo Brilliant

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Robbo Brilliant is a rapper from St. Louis making things happen. It’s been awhile since most heard from him but he is back and better than ever. We recently had the chance to interview him so check out the conversation below!

Thanks for speaking with us! Noticed you had a brief hiatus, what was the reason for that?

It was just a lot going on and I had to refocus and regroup with the family. I have been fully focused on my health and getting back in shape. Just had to get my mind together, that’s all.

 So what was the last major release that you had?

It was a joint collaboration project with EJ Carter and it’s called Now or Forever. Six song EP. 

Where are you from?

 I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. Born and raised and I’ve been doing music for a while. I started to write when I was 15. I first got into the studio at 19. 

How did you know it was something you really want to take seriously?

Just the passion for it. I felt like I could make money from it and I knew I was really talented. So I just started pursuing it.

Do you have some influences?

Gucci, Wayne and Nipsey Hussle. 

  Any accolades you want to share? 

 Yes, I am also a voting member of the Grammys. I earned the opportunity by just knowing the right people. Having the right relationships. A friend of mine I’ve known since we were children is in the recording academy and a musician. We had a conversation one day and he said I should be a part of it to benefit my career. 

What are some songs you want to put out there that you recommend people check out!

EJ is my brother and we created a really solid body of work. The beats are slamming! You know what I’m saying? The beats are on point, the lyrics, the content, the material, the subject matters, cadence, you know what I mean? We got a serious track on there where, you know, the mood changed a little bit. So it’s just an all around great body of work.Y’all should definitely go stream that.

 How did you get your artist name?

My original name was Rob Green but it was like a discrepancy because some other artist had that name. So it was like a conflict. My stuff was popping up with his stuff. So I mean my real name is Robert  but a lot of people just call me Robb. I feel like everybody is calling me smart, everybody is saying like, bro, you got the master plan. They said I am smart like a wizard. So I just put the brilliant at the end.

You also have a toy drive, correct?

Yeah, a nonprofit but touching millions or billions. Just something I do in my neighborhood back in St. Louis for the kids.  We couldn’t really do it last year because of COVID but yeah, the first one and the second one, it was a good turnout. News channel 4 local news came out and we got some national coverage. So hopefully this year we can pick back up, you know?

What can we expect from you next?

Definitely a new project coming out. EJ, you know, we are going to follow up with a part 2. So just expect more work, more content, high quality content, high quality material. More visuals, more interviews. I want to collaborate with different producers like Chase The Money and Metro Boomin too.

What do you want people to take from your music and your career itself?

I just want to make someone’s day better and inspire someone to get some money. I share my trials and tribulations and really tell my story to motivate.



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