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Baton Rouge artist Pearl Energyy song Stay Retawdid is on track to be a summer anthem!

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Pearl Energyy had it on her mind to come into 2022 with a bang, and with her new record “Stay Retawdid,” I think it’s safe to say she’s done just that.
Taking it back to her roots, Pearl crafts a track that taps directly into a style of music she says she was culturally raised on in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her hometown.
Baton Rouge’s music scene is comprised mainly of hype songs with oftentimes band-like sounds, that perform extremely well in the clubs and listeners can easily dance to.
Production from Mouse On The Track, who was a pioneer in establishing the city’s sound, gave Pearl the perfect balance between mainstream and southern bop.
Her vocals compliment the beat so well, and the hook is super catchy.
“My kicks stay retawdid! My fit stay retawdid!” she boasts.
And judging from the music video, I assume retawdid means cool and fly.
Ironically enough, the visual is both organic and polished, as we see Pearl turning up with her friends in front of a local chicken shop while cutting back to her performing in between two pillars of fresh shoes!
And get this, she also directed and edited the music video!

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