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ANTDUAN Is the Thailand-Based DJ Making International Headlines

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With the advent of technology and digitalization, the music industry has become saturated with fresh talent. We often witness new talents steal the limelight while many other artists fade away. Surviving in this extremely competitive space has become challenging for both newbies and veterans alike. ANTDUAN, an Israeli music producer based in Thailand, is a new-age artist who has managed to survive this competition because of his unique talent. ANTDUAN has a distinct style of music production by blending multiple genres to create masterpieces that resonate with millions. 

ANTDUAN is the stage name of Antonio Doani, and he is creating quite a buzz in the music world after his song “Rain Drops” went viral last year. It is a recreation of the popular song where ANTDUAN has breathed new life into it through a fresh beat. He collaborated with the famous singer Alexandra Badoi, who worked with Armin van Buuren, to lend her vocal magic. The song, like fresh raindrops, has welcomed a fresh wave of music and has earned over 1.5 million hits on almost all music streaming platforms. 

Progressive house and melodic techno have always been the predominant genres in ANTDUAN’s music. His mastery over these music styles is showcased through his unique blend of these genres in tracks that are filled with energy and evoke emotion. Unlike other music that is only a joy to the ears, ANTDUAN’s music is a healer of the heart. He combines multiple elements in his music and accentuates them through long dramatic breaks. 

ANTDUAN loves these dramatic breaks in his music. This is because he gets to hear the audience cheering him on during them when performing live. These long breaks also give him the artistic freedom to combine lyrics as a method of storytelling, evoking strong emotions. Energy is another ruling element in his music. ANTDUAN wants to reach a wider audience, which is why his tracks are electrifying yet soul-soothing. He creates fresh and unique sounds that are also familiar to the ears. 

Starting his studio in 2009, ANTDUAN has always focused on connecting with his audience through music as a producer. He wants people to find his music and lyrics relatable. His recent success with “Rain Drops” shows that ANTDUAN has accomplished his goal of connecting with the audience on a deeper level. It took him hours of hard work in the studio to hone his craft and enhance his creative skills. Apart from recording, he spends hours trying new techniques to create a different sound, marketing his brand, and maintaining his Spotify playlists. 

Currently, ANTDUAN is also working on organic house to expand the genres he incorporates in his music beyond progressive house and melodic techno. He wants to create more unique sounds that will enthrall his fans like never before. ANTDUAN is a firm believer in collaborative projects because he feels that the audience gets to hear the best from both or sometimes multiple artists. 

Going forward, ANTDUAN wants to collaborate with more prominent names from the music industry. He dreams of being signed by iconic record labels like Anjunadeep and Afterlife in the coming years. With a wish to conquer the world with his music, ANTDUAN is leaving no stone unturned to hone his skills and bring out his best for his fans.

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