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San Diego Rapper MaliFromCali Delivers Her Latest Single “Overseas”

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San Diego rapper MaliFromCali bursts onto the scene with her latest single “Overseas”. On the vibrant trap record, MaliFromCali displays her lyrical bravado and sense for hitmaking. The April 2022 drop is just the beginning in a new run of releases for the Daygo to ATL rap Queen.


Clocking in at just under 3 minutes, “Overseas” is a short and sweet ride through the mind of a calculated boss. With female artists at the forefront of rap in 2022, it’s no surprise that MaliFromCali glides through the track so effortlessly and with such esteem. Riddled with lively synth chord progressions and pop melodies, “Overseas” is a feel good record placed just in time for the summer. Still, MaliFromCali keeps her delivery hard as ever across the booming 808 production. Blending the coolness of her California roots and the rawness of her Atlanta upbringing is a talent that takes MaliFromCali to new heights. The official video for “Overseas” is on YouTube now and is quickly picking up steam as the first release in a run of drops by MaliFromCali.


Listen to MaliFromCali on Spotify below and follow her on Instagram for updates on new music.



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