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Meet Rising Charleston, South Carolina Rapper Rawdo

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When it comes to hip-hop, the Carolinas are easily the fastest growing music scenes in the United States. Today we want to introduce you to a young and very likable rapper coming out of Charleston, South Carolina. 26 year old artist Rawdo is on the rise and he plans to make 2022 a life changing year for him. To best describe his music, it is catchy while being fun and relatable. He has a big infectious personality that will make music lovers get behind whatever he offers.

As you may already know, Charleston, South Carolina has a famous and heavy accent called Gullah Geechee. Rawdo having this accent makes his sound even more unique and exciting. As thick as this accent is, with every word he spits on the beat it makes the track even more swaggy. Besides the music, Rawdo has a very interesting story of how he got to where he is today. Charleston is a small town and chasing after a music career seems unachievable. Rawdo is also going against the odds and he hasn’t let that stop him from making things happen.

When it comes to family life, He mostly grew up around women and sadly he never met his father. He lost his Grandmother who was his biggest support system a few years ago and she left him some money for studio time because she believed in his career. He uses her life as motivation to make it big in the industry. When he was 15, he was shot in the leg. It was simply a wrong place wrong time situation. All of this in his life lead him to making music for the first time 3 years ago.  From his music, he’s hoping to open more doors for artists in Charleston and just be an overall motivational icon.



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