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How God Saved Crook Guam From The Prison System

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Crook Guam has a story to tell that dates all the way back to a time when he has just a teenager. Growing up in the streets, Crook Guam took the glorified hip hop lifestyle of drugs and violence to heart, at the time internalizing everything he heard in rap music.

Eventually, the lifestyle caught up to Crook Guam, who spent most of his teenage years in and out of juvenile detention centers. At the age of 17, the MC faced up to 15 years in prison but came to know God while spending time behind bars.

The creative began reading the Bible and his perspective on life slowly began to change. “When the realization of potentially facing prison for 15+ years hit, God came into my life. He told me to change my lifestyle or I will never be free from the system,” explained Crook Guam. Finding positivity after a change of heart, Crook Guam’s sentence was severely lowered and he was able to leave prison on probation.

Crook Guam has spent his time since spreading positive energy and has taken up a career as a hip hop artist. As an independent act, the creative has released multiple successful tracks including a collaboration with the late Drakeo The Ruler.

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