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Dj Lava of Chat and Laugh Partners with Streaming Platform AudioMack For Official Mixtape Higlighting the Future Artists in Dancehall

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Known for electrifying DJ skills and his hit IG live program that thrilled hundreds of thousands during the covid-19 lockdowns, Dj Lava’s latest mixtape on audiomack is doing phenomenal numbers. The fourteen track mixtape titled “The New Future” released on streaming platform audiomack, has amassed over twenty thousand plays within five days of its release. Lava’s eccentric but contemporary mix features artists like 10tik, Likkle Vybz, Jahshii, Roze Don and even himself. 


DJ  Lava is a multifaceted entertainer, currently touring countries like the US, the UK, and Canada. Through his hit IG live sessions, he’s created a space not just to entertain dancehall fans but also to promote discourse, attracting stars and followers such as Nicki Minaj. Through his live shows, many artists, known and unknown got their opportunity to tell their story to a bigger audience. Lava is also an entrepreneur, whether we’re talking about the hit parties he’s promoted and hosted, or the businesses like Buzz clothing that he has invested and continues to see success in. His ambition for music and business appear to be on par throughout his growing stardom as a DJ, but Lava remains humble and often uses the donations from his show to help the less fortunate all the way in places like Jamaica.


This latest mixtape by Dj Lava is a reminder exactly what dancehall music is amidst the scramble for other genres like Afrobeats and even the emergence of trap Dancehall. In it, Lava pulls on the latest and brightest both in Jamaica and abroad, to curate an exquisite musical experience for listeners in all corners of the world. This playlist gives a comprehensive number of examples of elements that make an ideal dancehall song for those not as familiar with the music. This strengthens Dj Lava’s international appeal as someone who can introduce strangers to a nuanced but beloved genre of music. 


Dj Lava’s mixtape, The New Future is not one to miss and is available to listen to stream on audiomack.

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