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Javad Shirazi And Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh Known As Arsalan Arman In The Way Of Music

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Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh known as (Arsalan Arman) and Javad Shirazi are two old artists.

Tehran-born Arsalan Arman and Mashhad-born Javad Shirazi have developed a new style of music that quickly made them famous. Arsalan and Javad meet on Instagram and start working together. Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh (born March 17, 1992) and Javad Shirazi (born 26 July 1998) These two artists were able to change their country’s music industry and face many challenges. Turns out, the music style of the two was a combination of R&B, pop and rap. Which was able to make the opinion of the whole public interesting.

After the first official release of their first music teaser on Instagram, they received excellent feedback, and Javad and Arsalan are trying to do more in this style. Of course, Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh is a famous singer, composer and artist who works in the field of music, and after years of effort, he has been able to reach a high position and great fame in his country. Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh recently said in an interview that he is very interested in Facebook and Instagram applications and encouraged all his fans to install these two applications. Amir Arsalan Alebouyeh now has more than 140,000 followers on Instagram from all over the world.

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