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Hottest Artists To Watch in 2022

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As the world continues to evolve, so does the sound of hip hop. 2022 is filled with a new era of stars and audiences deserve new music to get hip to. With this in mind, prominent entertainment companies and music professionals produced a list of the hottest upcoming artists to be recognized in 2022, highlighting some of the best artists from around the world. Each possesses their own unique sound and talent to bring to the audiences. In alphabetical order, introduced are names you need to get familiar with this year. Read more on Verified Hustler Mag and USA Music Reviews.

A. Ali – “U Bad” – Creators of the surprise Fast and Furious 9 promotional track “The Fast Life” are turning their hand at a new record. The Virginia-based P&M Productions owned by creative director and songwriter A. Ali is turning up the heat with his latest single U BAD. The beat alone has the stiffest necks swaying to his unique sound. The single has received rave reviews and fans who say his latest club anthem is on fire! 


A. Ali is a triple threat as a songwriter, screenwriter and producer all wrapped in one. Known for his signature wavy locks and 100-watt smile, Ali has been writing songs for close to a decade. Ali’s private production company is the secret weapon behind many ghost-writing projects over the years so whether you love songs on club beats or something more thought provoking like one of Ali’s other songs, Walking Away – which can be found in Amazon Prime’s Sucker 4 Love, he’s proven that he’s definitely an upcoming artist to watch for. | IG: @thereal_a_ali

Albie Dickson – “Lose Control” – Albie Dickson is a Houston hitmaker creating his own path toward success. As a premiere creative and producer he has churned out hits for several legendary acts including 90’s R&B group H-Town, Kut Klose, Kirko Bangs, Chamillionaire, Starlito, Scotty ATL, and Houston legend Bun B. But his music catalog extends far beyond Houston. He has pinned records also for Kevin Gates, and the late great Young Dolph & Nipsey Hussle who will forever be missed. Working with legends inspires Albie to continue to push his talent on to new heights one hit at a time. His most recent work with H-Town led him to work on their recent “Lose Control” single featuring the R&B girl group Kut Klose that is bringing authentic R&B back to the forefront. Give this Houston hotshot a chance. | IG: @AlbieDickson

Ayam JC – “New York Lix” – Buffalo, NY rapper Ayam JC is having the best year of his career. Putting out the best music of his life, he has received praises from several major publications. With a hot new single underway titled “New York Lix” JC is proving that he has what it takes to make it as a mainstream rapper taking his lyrical abilities to new heights with each release. Produced by Kage Durden, the Buffalo native talks about chasing ambition and drive in order to achieve undeniable success. He is one of the most talented emcees coming out of upstate New York and wants the whole world to know he is a star in the making. | IG: @ayam.jc

Azazel The Marine – “One Shot” – The New York emcee that needs no introduction, Azazel lets his music and work in the booth do the talking for him. “Azazel The Marine” is a lyricist from New York City who has served the U.S as a former Marine. After serving in the USMC Azazel embraced music as a creative outlet to help control his P.T.S.D. As he kept dabbling into his creativity he soon found his sound. He is hitting some major milestones and reaching new goals daily.

Azazel is a role model and a hero to our nation. The marine veteran fuses his passion for music and talented artistry to create unique tracks that listeners from all walks of life can enjoy. Azazel fully throws himself into everything he curates. The emotion and soul behind his vocals come blasting through the speakers. Azazel uses music as an outlet and it’s presented in the most raw and artistic way. He boasts the grit of a Brooklyn raised veteran, while remaining contemporary and hard-hitting. | IG: @azazelthemarine

B. Hardy The Poet – “Sunday Soul Freestyle” – Born in Los Angeles, CA  B. Hardy The Poet began his writing journey at the age of 8 and now with years behind the pen as a poet, B. Hardy The Poet is finally making his way into music after holding out for so long. “I truly just wanted to show even as a new artist I can hang with the greats that have been in the game awhile.” Using his experience growing up in Inglewood and natural ability of penmanship, to go from rapping about love and sex to diving into real social issues of today, there’s no slowing down until he’s listed as one of the top lyricists in the world! His new release, “Sunday Soul Freestyle”, is a track that not only starts with a dope beat, but from start to finish, B. Hardy The Poet flows through the track with bars that only true fans of lyricism can appreciate and vibe to. | IG: @bhardythepoet

Black Shawd – “Walk With Me” – Black Shawd is a multi- talented rapper/singer & songwriter with a unique and rare talent of balancing lyrics, music and inspiration. “Walk With Me” is a reflection of Black Shawd’s cheerful and optimistic attitude towards life. The lyrics along with the vocals is enough to give a tingle of goosebumps. The contrasts in mood are very well handled. This exciting hip hop song stimulates the generation to sit and think about life and then to take a stand and to contribute in meaningful deeds.

Black Shawd, in this energetic single, beautifully conveys the true significance of practical life, far from the world of fantasy. The appealing sound is really a blessing to the ears. This piece is an excellent composition with a catchy track. For Black Shawd, life has a purpose and in “Walk With Me”, he is giving direction to the world to take little steps with him towards morality. | IG: @BlackShawd

Butta The Preacher – “My Story” – Gary, Indiana native Butta The Preacher’s music is raw, intense, personal and inspiring. Part of what makes the rapper so intriguing is his ability to connect with the listener. There is an undercurrent of realness and authenticity in his voice. “On the album entitled “My Story” I express my feelings about the death of both of my little brothers, who were killed just one year apart. I share my experiences with life’s struggles as well as my trials and tribulations. People will get to know me not just as a preacher, but also a person and child of God,” proclaims Butta. As he works on “My Story 2” be on the lookout for his new upcoming single with international gospel singer Shallon Tore’ set to release this summer of 2022. | IG: @ButtaThePreacher

CasinoATX – “Cherry Mints” – CasinoATX, aka The Partyville Mayor has been on a hard campaign run since late 2021. The hard working rapper has been performing all across the South and the West Coast, pushing his Partyville brand everywhere he goes. Right in time for 4-20 CasinoATX released his new single Cherry Mints, an ode to his very own strain “Cherry Mints” released through Oregon based growers Funk Extracts and Happy Daddy Growers! Cherry Mints is guaranteed to help enhance your high, with its hypnotic bridge, and catchy hook. Stay tuned for this Summer as CasinoATX drops his upcoming album “The Street Nerd” and kicks off a west coast tour with his label College of Hip-Hop Knowledge. | IG: @CasinoATX

Don Xhoni – “Crypto” – Kosovan-Albanian rapper Don Xhoni is known as the “King of Drill” by fans. According to online sources, the 22-year-old has racked up over a quarter billion streams in an estimated two years, making him one of the fastest rising new artists in his region. Don Xhoni made an American debut on WorldStar Hip Hop with his viral “Make a Pose” (Freestyle) on Gjoni Black with Meriton Mjekiqi. | IG: @don_xhoni 

Emanuel Da Prophet – “Captured By The Lord” – Emanuel Da Prophet Born In Jackson Michigan Currently Living In Columbus Ohio A Gospel Rap Rap Artist Very Talented Gifted By God Went Threw A Series Of Events Life Changing Events Like Growing Up In Gang Violence Losing My Blood Cousin To Gun Violence Me Also Being Shot Being At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time And Literally Seeing Drugs And Violence Overtake The Community And I Was A Part Of It Unfortunately Until I Start Feeling Like I Was Losing Everybody I Was Hanging Around And Loosing Everything I Was Partaken In So That Caused Me To Go Through Depression And Many Other Bad Thoughts And Feelings That Then Drew Me Close To God Now I Currently Make Music For The Lord And Live For Him He Has Taken Me So Far And I Just Wanna Show Love And Give Hope And Be A Positive Impact All Around The World From The Streets To The Kingdom. | IG: @emanueldaprophet

Flipstyle – “Metadata”Flipstyle has finally released the official video for Modern Entertainment, Part One from the ground breaking album – Metadata. Flipstyle has released 3 new albums this year including Metadata, Quantum and Superhero Villain. Flipstyle continues to elevate entertainment with music, videos, movies & more coming soon. Be sure to visit | IG: @flipstylemusic 

Gabe Griffin – “Nature” – Gabe Griffin is a rising California based artist who just released two new hit singles titled “Nature” and “Philosophy”. His latest release, “Nature”, takes on a more natural flow to rap music, with enthusiastic punch lines and a fast pace tempo. Nature represents Gabe Griffin’s style of rhyming and how he wants to present himself in the industry. Check out his new music now! | IG: @GabeGriffin1999

Gigahurtz – “Only Fans” – If you need positive inspiration, daily aspiration and daily growth, look to DJ mogul, top charting producer and marketing guru Gigahurtz. He has established himself over the past decade as a DJ and marketing director of many of the top nightclubs in Portland, OR. Generating millions in the industry and spreading his influence thoroughly, he is on his way to becoming one of the most influential people in the music business. 

Finding success as a DJ led him to entering the production side as a credible record producer.  Having a #1 record in Asia under his belt, his next project includes his involvement with 6x Grammy Award winner Malik Yusef, in which the Portland native will executive produce a one of a kind Album/Docu-Series. This material will feature himself alongside some of the world’s top up and coming talent scouted by Gigahurtz. He is a force to be reckoned with and has plans on leaving a lasting impact on the music and entertainment industry. Stay in touch with this guru as he offers daily gems on his instagram, including music production, Spotify growth, brand building and marketing tips. | IG: @GigaHurtz.DJ

Giles – “Alive” – Alvin Giles is an accomplished producer, audio engineer, arranger, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. After a ten-year hiatus, and under a new moniker; Giles, formally known as Vthov, makes his return as a musical artist. Blending genres like a pro, Giles fuses hip hop, r&b, and soul with a myriad of intriguing elements from other genres. While his resume proves he can perfect any style, he returns to his hip hop roots for “Alive”. | IG: @officialgilesmusic

GTB Kartel – “Banopoly” – GTB Kartel just released a new project called “Banopoly”. Banopoly is out now on every platform and has several videos to go with the release like Take 1 and Just Got A Bag which both included on the new project. Songs included in the Banopoly album are Lets Gooo!!, Chiefs, J.J (No Hook), Just Got a Bag, King Kong, Hunger Games, Take 1 and Put in Work. | IG: @gtb_dagasman @gtb_ball_hard @massup_ent

HazeOPC – “Transitions” – Haze OPC has been busy working, building, and battling. The Official Paper Chasers boss is dropping his newest single “Together” off of the sequel My GOD, Myself, My Family & I. In GOD We Trust, the prequel to My GOD, Myself, & I. In GOD I Trust. Hot off the press and being named 1 of the hottest artists you need to know in 2022, International Haze isn’t taking anything for granted and is forever seizing the opportunity. Picking up from where the story left off, Haze OPC is doing what he does best, delivering another record that captures his lyricism. Be sure to check out his latest single and remember just as the words in the song says, “Get everything together make sure you have all the pieces together, if it can’t be replaced it’s priceless, most things can’t stand the test of time.” | IG: @Mr_paper_chaser_opc 

Iamyungp – “Trump” – My name is Iamyungp, I am an upcoming artist from Maryland. Music always been my passion, I have to work on my craft everyday. I love making music. I also have a clothing line called Stonavillellc visit our website or check us out on Instagram @stonavillellc. On April 27th I will be dropping my new EP called “Still Workin 3 The Series” my singles from my new album are called “Trump” Produced by Therelesmooth & “Got It” featuring Antwaine. I need all my fans to support me on this album. | IG: @Realiamyungp3

JTLR – “The Thickies” (PCH Remix) JTLR consists of group members MC Jonny T & Lyric Richardson. The two define their sound as a hybrid of pure Hip Hop & 90’s influenced R&B. JTLR is a musical experience with throwback nods to feel-good vibes and sensible lyrics. Their newest release “The Thickies” celebrates women of size and their acceptance. The self-produced song comes in a fun piano-keys-driven mix and a smoother R&B style on the PCH Remix. Treat your eardrums and your playlists to the sounds of JTLR. | IG: 

Loco Los – “Sippin My Cafe” – Loco Los is an independent artist from Tampa Bay, Fl. He is back to making music after 16 yrs. His latest single “Sippin My Cafe” featuring his daughter is creating a buzz across the nation and even worldwide. A true cool, collect, positive vibe song. Sippin MY Cafe has been pushed, via video drop, by 2 legends, so far, in the Hip Hop game, both Fat Joe and Jadakiss. Loco Los is set to release his full project “Return of the Los” this year, 2022. Don’t miss everything because you didn’t sip with him, you didn’t sit with him. #sippinmycafe | IG: @Loco_Los_813 

Mj Gill – “Racks the Mission” – Mj Gill is one of the hottest upcoming artists from Evergreen, AL. His latest project “Racks The Mission” is packed with heat and features hit singles such as “Win”, “Never Stressin”, “Passion” and many others! Make sure you get familiar with his name now because Mj Gill is definitely an artist to know in 2022! | IG: @MjGillOfficial

Nascar Raxx – “Pressure” – Rising Pittsburgh, PA artist Nascar Raxx returns with a new hit single titled “Pressure”. The talented artist follows up his latest release “Skrrt”, about how he’s had so many people switch up on him as if they didn’t want anything to do with him. Nascar Raxx says, “there’s not enough real in this world that feels real”. Look out for Nascar Raxx’ new mixtape coming soon and follow him for his latest releases. | IG: @Raxx_TheDonWonJones 

Nefew The Plug – “Do Or Die” – Nefew The Plug is the dynamic duo we’ve been waiting to hear. After growing up together in Dallas, Tx Moonrock Mont and Dre are out making noise in Los Angeles. Even though their styles contrast each other, you can still hear the southern influence in the way they approach their verses, and the way Moonrock creates his “playalistic”style beats. Check out their 3 piece combo. It’s what your ears have been missing And don’t forget to check out the “Do or Die” music video at the jump. | IG: @NefewThePlug @MoonrockMont @1takedre___ 

Newport Savy – “Demons & Angels 2” – Newport Savy’s latest album Demons & Angels 2 is the second installment project under the “Demons & Angels” chronicle that released on February 26th 2022. Newport Savy delivers his raw background and describes his battles within himself between good and evil. “Trying to bring out the best of me but these demons get the best of me” Newport Savy states on his track “Best Of Me” his struggles of trying to follow the angel on his shoulders but being deceived by the demon on the other side. | IG: @NewportSavy  

PacSlim – “She Badd” – Love, Hope, Courage, Faith, Compassion, Success Acceptance, Loyalty, Wild & Free, Complex, Devotion, Family, Firm, Noble yet Playful This a YungFella straight out the 6 of Treme “Canis Lupus – Don’t let that other side be so Cunning in Clan” EWAF “Your life hit different when I’m in it”. | IG: @1Big6_pacslimyf

PB Mogul – “My Way” – In today’s hip hop scene true emcees are few and far between, and becoming harder to come by. Welcome, PB Mogul. An upcoming rapper, from Utica, NY, with the raw talent and skill set to shift the culture. A conceptual rapper illustrating stories of his hometown PB Mogul is a standout who excels in authenticity, lyricism, and versatility.

His new single “My Way” immediately draws you in with one of the catchiest hooks you’ll ever hear. From there, it follows with two pleasantly impressive hip hop verses with great energy from two emcees perfectly crafted to fit the vibe of the song! PB Mogul says, “This is a FUN song!! I GUARANTEE you that this song will make you happy!!! This was by far the FUNNEST song WE’VE EVER created!! This song is PERFECT for the radio and we have a PERFECT accompanying music video!!!”. With his superstar potential and proven work ethic, PB Mogul is one to watch!!! | IG: @PBMogul

Reek4Real – “I’m Really Him” – “I’m Really Him” the 22 track project dedicated to the trenches which was released on Halloween last year is looking like Reek4Real’s breakout album. Raw tracks such as “The Strong, Silent Type”, “2Face”, “Walk Like I Talk” and “Trap Baby” are a couple of the album favorites. You can really hear the dedication, pain and passion all over this album. The storyteller also switches up the vibes with tracks like “Never Felt Like This” and “Telling Me I’m Wrong” where the melodic rapper expresses his feelings for an old girlfriend. You can stream, download, or purchase Reek4real’s music on all platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spinrilla & Many More. | IG: @Reek4Real 

Rees RP – “Hold On Me” – Rees RP returns with a new single titled “Hold On Me”. His new single is about an ex-female who puts a hex on his life that prevents him from moving on and finding love elsewhere. The video displays a battle between his and her “dark spirit”, which he eventually wins and releases himself from her “HOLD ON ME”. Check it out now and follow him on IG for his new releases. | IG: @ReesRPMusic 

Saige Wolley – “Two Summers” – Saige Wolley is a 23 year old Hip-Hop artist from Portland, OR. His debut album “Two Summers” has been making waves across the industry this month. With his hit single “Back Porch” Saige Wolley is giving real Hip-Hop heads something to cherish in an ever-changing world of modern music. With very strong vocal delivery and consistent lyrical ability, he has shown improvement with each and every release. If you are a fan of real rap music I suggest you give this album a listen. | IG: @saigewolley

Senior. – “Weekday” – Australian rapper and entrepreneur Jarryd “Senior.” Senior has released his debut single “Weekday” featuring long-time friend and Australian R&B artist Pasika on the hook and now Fat Joe has jumped on the intro! “Weekday” is a good vibes anthem. The hook will be stuck in your head after the first listen, You will want to go and travel, fall in love, have great sex and live your best life. Check out Senior.’s new hit single “Weekday” making waves around the world now! | IG: @JarryDSenior

Tony $huffle – “CTM$” – Tony $huffle is an Iowa based artist who just released a hot new single titled “CTM$” from his new project “You Can’t Quit”. Check it out now and keep an eye on him in 2022 as he’s quickly rising to the top! | IG: @wolsent21

Yiz – “I Know Your Game” – Yiz is a rising artist who writes about life and what he sees and what he goes through. This particular song embodies that. Yiz says, “this song is about me knowing what people are trying to do and you can’t play me like you played others, which comes the title “I know your game”. Check out his new hit single now and follow Yiz on IG for his latest releases. | IG: @HourGlass19

Yung Rizzo – “Maintain” – Yung Rizzo (Jose Dumlao III) born and raised in San Jose, California is an music artist who stands loud and proud in the music scene, unafraid to represent his unique personality and distinguish himself with his distinctive approach. Yung Rizzo’s most recent studio work, “Still Here” and “I’mma Make It” both have helped his rise to prominence. His style is indeed a very special combination of modern and nostalgic hip-hop appeal with melodic rap elements, featuring a lush modern touch when it comes to the sound production.

Yung Rizzo, who achieved so much independently, including being approached by several other music labels and going No. 1 on international charts such as iTunes and Spotify Viral 50. He currently runs his own independent label, Fly High Music Group and is under distribution with Sony Music Entertainment’s recently acquired AWAL. The “Still Here” rapper has proven to have created his own lane, his first single, “Maintain” will be his first release of 2022. | IG: @yungrizzo

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