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“Drift Apart” is Further Proof that James Pereira is a Lyrical Genius

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Fans of musician James Pereira, creator of the chart-topping “Drift Apart,” are gearing up for his upcoming album. Ahead of the big release, we look at the inspiration behind James Pereira’s latest single, “Drift Apart,” a song that we cannot seem to get out of our heads!

Different artists inspired lyrical genius James Pereira when he sat down to pen this latest hit. It may be hard for James Pereira to cherry-pick one incident, feeling, or person that influenced his music. But he states that “Drift Apart” came to him from a place of vulnerability. Pushed by friends and family to draw from his personal experiences, James Pereira opened up in the writing process. Through “Drift Apart,” James Pereira realized just how much of a release heartfelt songwriting can be.

Countless fans list how significant an impact “Drift Apart” had on them. But it is James Pereira who felt it the most. After pouring his heart into it, releasing this song has meant the world to him. He worked long, hard hours on putting it all together before finally letting it set sail into the world for hundreds of his loyal fans to enjoy. Calling it a privilege to have the ability to touch so many lives, he said it is one of the greatest honors that his job as a musician has bestowed on him. In many ways, “Drift Apart” gives fans an idea of what they can expect from the upcoming album. James Pereira says the journey has been cathartic on many levels, deriving inspiration from several places. He looked inward and revisited near-forgotten mental spaces to compose this masterpiece. It was all worthwhile when he felt the support of hundreds of fans, which came through an outpouring of messages and tweets. Fans were quick to note the sincerity in the composition of “Drift Apart.”

James Pereira observed that he found it emotionally enriching to give his feelings a voice, and we are awarded an unforgettable tune.

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