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C.L.A.N. Is Grateful Everyday To Be Making Music

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Alaska born, Brandon Brown aka C.L.A.N is an incredibly successful musician in the world of music. Growing within Alaska, C.L.A.N. always had a fascination with music. He is grateful to his father for the interest in music that he was exposed to at a young age. C.L.A.N. enjoys smoking marijuana and sharpens his skills using pencil and paper. He is able to let his lyrics leap out off the page. His lyrics strike a chord inside you that anyone can resonate with. The lyrics are genuinely inspiring, inspirational, and uplifting. He is very proud of making music that people can enjoy regardless of the venue.

Currently, C.L.A.N. is an artist who is self-employed. The typical day for him is getting up, smooching his gorgeous family, and smoking a doobie, and pounding out music from sunup until sunset. While listening to his music, the artist wants his listeners to learn about the indigenous peoples and to feel positive vibes. His most significant musical influence has been Wiz Khalifa. He hopes to record an album with him. He is aware that their styles of music will complement their styles beautifully, resulting in timeless music.

Recently, C.L.A.N. released an EP with his business partner and cousin named “Change”. The album contains seven songs and runs for 21 minutes. The project is very in-depth and well-crafted. He is open to his fans and offers them behind-the-scenes access to his daily life. He’s always at the studio so fans can anticipate a multitude of new songs from him in 2022. You should definitely check out “Change” on all major platforms. This is set to be an incredible season for C.L.A.N. as he climbs his professional career to new levels.

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