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Mixing up the music world- DJ Allen

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Allen Davtyan or more popularly known as DJ Allen is an uprising musician, DJ, and producer who is redefining the music industry. Based in Los Angeles, DJ Allen has amassed a huge number of followers for his music in a short span. To date, he has collaborated with notable artists such as Antonia, INNA, Antonio Pican, BIBI, Serena, and many more. His music is already a major hit in Romania and has earned him more recognition which in turn has landed him collaborations and projects from renowned brands and labels such as Global Records and CatMusic.

With over 30Mil+ combined views on YouTube, DJ Allen’s follower base is rapidly increasing with time. He has produced many commendable remix tracks including Up by Inna, Ola Ola Benny Hana, and many more. If you have not yet heard his songs, you are highly missing out. Check his channel out on YouTube for more:

Speaking of his music, DJ Allen has produced a track that has secured the number one spot in Romania. He had worked extremely hard on it and it ultimately paid off. When asked about what experience he cherished the most throughout his journey, he replied that it was getting to work with Antonio Pican on Macarena. However, DJ Allen had to cross a lot of hurdles to reach where he is today. He is an experimental and creative artist who wishes to provide something new and different to the audience. This is particularly why the making of his tracks is extremely difficult and time-consuming. “Biggest challenge is getting the right sound and the right music for your audience and giving them a completely new style of music”, he further stated. Regardless, he thoroughly enjoys the whole process which is why his compositions are even more brilliant.

As someone who has invested an enormous amount of time, hard work, dedication, and patience into music, DJ Allen advises all aspiring musicians to keep trying and never give up. This is the primary attribute that will lead you to success. On being asked about his future plans, Allen replied, “In a few years I hope to see myself performing on bigger stages, concerts, and doing more music.”

If you wish to know more about DJ Allen and not miss out on any upcoming tracks, connect with him on Instagram: You can also listen to his music on Spotify

We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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