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Denisa Axhami Reveals “Navigating the Music Business as a Female”

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Behind every successful artist is a powerful team consisting of managers, agents, producers, publicists, and just about every role one may need to stand out in the competitive industry of music.

Denisa Axhami, 27-year-old entrepreneur, has plenty to share within her combined experience of nearly seven years in the entertainment industry, specifically taking on behind-the-scenes positions. In 2015, she launched a poetry book, which opened the door to songwriting, eventually leading her to the music business. Fast forward to 2022, she’s an agent in public relations, also specializing in branding, marketing, and general business management.

“A few years ago, I was simply recruiting music videos for Viacom (Now ViacomCBS) opportunities at the time,” she explains. “It was unpaid, but it’s just the reality of things when you just start out.”

Denisa admits that being a female in the industry comes with many challenges, most of them being swept under the rug, or never spoken of. “I believe that all women in this industry experience similar situations,” Denisa shared. “It’s a male dominant environment, so I am sure you can get an idea of what goes down.”

How to navigate music business as a female? Set boundaries, remain confident, and know that being an outlier in a male-dominant industry is not a setback.

“Most respect us,” she explains. “They look at us and may think, woah, she survived all those obstacles, and remains standing in this dog-eat-dog industry. I want a meeting with this one.”

Denisa has a wide variety of 200+ clients to date, including celebrity music artists, worldwide companies, the NBA and more. This summer, she’s introducing a game-changer to the European music industry, where she is originally from.

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