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The Inspiring Journey of Cory Brooks: How He’s Rising in the Music Scene

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Many people are of the opinion that talent alone makes the best musicians, and for you to succeed in the music industry, then music is a gift you are born with. However, this is not entirely true. While it is correct to say that talent can help you become a better musician, it is not the greatest determinant as there are many other factors. In simple terms, talent is just one part of the picture, a theory perfectly proven by fast-rising musician Cory Brooks Strawbridge.

Unlike many in the industry who were born with musical talent, Cory has worked his way to the top. He invested his time in learning more about the industry, from basic songwriting skills to how to create a memorable rhythm, and his unique sound has now enabled him to cement his place in a brutally competitive industry.

According to Cory, while he did not have natural musical talent, music is something he has wanted to pursue for a long time. Growing up listening to some of the legends in the industry, Cory developed a deep passion for music, which inspired him to start his journey. He says that one of the main reasons he started writing his own music was to share his story with the rest of the world and break the myth that you need talent to become a well-known artist.

“Most people think that all of the greatest singers/songwriters or even producers are born with the gift, and for this reason, some fear joining the music scene. Through my music journey, I want to show people that as long as you have a heart for something and put all of your time into it, you will achieve it,” says Cory.

Cory is showing his fans that no dream is too big to fulfill and that challenges are not meant to break you but motivate you to work harder. From an early age, Cory was always told that he would not amount to anything good and would be digging ditches for a living. While it was highly discouraging, especially as it came from his family and teachers, Cory did not let their words dictate his future.

He invested in his passion for learning more about music, and he is now a popular name in the music industry. It has taken Cory less than two years to cement his spot, with his songs gaining thousands of views across various platforms. His impeccable voice, go-getter attitude, and high-energy performances make him a top artist in the global music scene, proving that you do not have to be born with talent to make it in any field. 

As Cory continues to thrive, he says his goal is to use his platform to encourage other artists as he creates more timeless music. He explains that many people produce great music, but they care about what people think too much, and as a result, some are pushed to give up. Cory is showing fellow musicians that nothing should hold them back from living their passion.

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