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Taking It To The Next Level: Meet Rapper Kashh Kade

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Kashh Kade is a 22 year old rising artist based out of Chicago, IL. He has been making music since he was in middle school, and officially started his Christian Hip-Hop career in 2020. Originally from Milwaukee, Kashh Kade has been increasingly creating a buzz in the world of Christian Hip-Hop ever since the release of his debut single, ‘New Saint’ (2020). Listeners can relate to his lyrics, which range from telling stories about losing his old life to live solely for Jesus, upbeat tracks about boldly walking in faith, and everything that comes in between.
In October 2021, his latest song, “Keep Me Going”, produced by Buggy Beats, was released and amassed over 80,000 streams within just four months. The streams have continued to rise as “Keep Me Going” was picked up by Boost Radio in early 2022. Shortly after his radio debut, Boost highlighted his song for their segment “New Music with Neallytime”, and invited him to an Instagram live interview with radio host Neal Hopson. They talked about his music, inspirations, and the heart of his latest song. He also spoke on the importance of gratitude in his own life and career, saying “Gratitude is so important in all aspects of life. God wakes us up every day, He gives us breath every second, and that’s something to be grateful for. I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff in my lifetime, but I’m just grateful that God has brought me through it. He has given me every opportunity, and they have been intentional, not coincidental, from Him.”
This is just the beginning for Kashh Kade! With more music on the way in 2022, this rising artist is on his way to being a big name in the Hip-Hop industry. Check out his music on all streaming platforms, and keep an eye out for his new music coming soon! You can keep up with him by following his Instagram @KashhKade to see what’s next.

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